Customized Bulk SMS Solution

In this competitive world of business sms text messaging programs make business successful. In this case, we will find the solution of individual's requirement and also implement in your system. Integration of Bulk SMS in India became very necessary and helpful in case of alerts and notifications. You may add other dynamic information in sending sms like Name, Contact number etc. For big institutes or organizations; addition of automated SMS is very helpful when it comes to sending alerts etc.

DynaSoft offers customized Integration of Bulk SMS in India for any website, any Software. This not only reduces work but also helps in completing priority tasks on time. Our team will help you to integrate any kind of SMS solution in India into your existing website.

Steps we follow

We understand your requirement and then customize according to the output you want.

For example, if you are a health insurance company and you want to provide an insurance quote to cover your client on a mobile.

Then we will build a unique application of the mobile marketing channel that will help you in sending insurance quote and will let you cover the customers directly to your mobile.

There are many benefits of integrating bulk sms in your software. You may trigger sms sending on any event, for example in any trading company a stock reaches specific price and you want to send reminder sms to customer stating current price of stock. You may send sms on such event through our bulk sms customizations. For an organization like school, college or any other financial institutes it becomes very helpful to automate reminders like fees, attendance etc. We can integrate sms Solutions on any of software or website independent of its platform.

DynaSoft is also provide genuine service of Branded Bulk SMS with reasonable price.Call +919898653495 or +91-9067222467 to know current prices or request quote by sending mail on