Customized Website Development India

Now a day, Website Development is very ordinary requirement. But most of the people don’t know that Customized version of website will always give extra ordinary impact to their clients.

Based on look and feel there are two types of website: Template Based Website and Customized Website.

Template Based Website Customized Website Development.
Lots of people in world have or will have websites like yours one, another company details will be replaced by your company details. Website will be designed as per your Custom requirement, so no such website will be found
You have to adjust as per web layout selected Web Design will be adjusted as per your need
Not completely satisfied Complete satisfaction
More Options to choose web theme No need to get more options
Cheap(temporary) solution for Short team Little bit costly for short term vision
Very costly in case of regular changes Very economical solution in case of long vision

In the manner of functionalities, there are basically two types of websites: Static and Dynamic

Static Website:In this type of website once all the company information is uploaded, No change can be done by user or admin (website owner) or we can say that there is no admin panel to manage visitor side of website. If any changes required then it will be charged as per requirements.
User: if frequently changes will not be required in any page of website then we suggest static website.

Dynamic Website: In the most preferable type of website, one admin panel is developed which is accessible by website admin only. Using this admin panel user can manage visitor side of his website.
User: if customer forecasts that he will need changes in website occasionally or regularly, then they prefer to make Dynamic Websites.

We mostly do not recommend fully dynamic or fully static website. We understand our customer need suggest semi dynamic website as an economic solution.

Our Web design Life Cycle

  • Analyze Requirements
  • Conclude Web Elements & Documentation
  • Wireframe (Mock-up) Design with provision of SEO Elements
  • Master PSD Design
  • Inner Page Design (if Required)
  • Convert Design in to table less HTML
  • Cross Testing for browser Compatibility
  • Code Integration
  • Application Testing
  • Deployment and Hosting
  • Maintenance

Note: DynaSoft takes confirmation to go ahead at the end of each above steps. So no chance of customer dissatisfaction